Vitaly Spa, in addition to assisting banks and credit institutions, collaborates with law firms and accountants throughout Italy by providing its expertise in credit matters more specifically credits downgraded to uncollectible also known as NPLs, or by pursuing avenues aimed at resolution even before this occurs. In many cases we purchase credits directly, single name or packages devoting more to mortgage credits.

Below are the services and investment opportunities.

How To Invest In NPL With Vitaly SPA:

Vitaly Spa’s investment concept was created first of all by listening to investors, People who are accustomed to classic investment products, we asked them what their goals were, which products they had oriented themselves on or were directed to, what preferences and what qualms or insecurities they had of certain markets, which ones gave them a certain serenity and what was the degree of satisfaction they felt over the years, information studied and analyzed mainly of three macro sectors finance, insurance and real estate sectors, that are quite distinct in the market:

Vitaly S.p.a has created a market know-how that has the best characteristics of the three sectors:

An ever-expanding market.

All this in an ever-expanding and regulated market, that of NPLs (Non-Preforming Loans) and that is, banks’ impaired loans.Specifically, VITALY SPA’s core business focuses on mortgage loans and then real estate.

NPLs have always been a market reserved for large corporations, banking institutions and licensed entities, this is because the turnover is truly of considerable proportions.

Accessible to everyone.

We “securitized” this system by making it accessible to everyone, including the private investor. The strengths that characterize us allow us to move in an environment with ample room for maneuver, to work with the certainty of tangible and secured assets, revalued and solid over time.

We offer three different investment solutions:

The purchase of properties from NPLs at decidedly advantageous prices ranging from 40% to 75% of the real value of the property, by valuing them and putting them back on the market, decidedly interesting capital gains can be achieved. Nationwide and also internationally;

Direct participation in the acquisition of major portfolios or transactions, active collaboration in the purchase, valorisation and final sale of properties arising from NPLs, selected, thoroughly researched opportunities that lend themselves to a very profitable project;

Financial instruments, for those investors who do not want to think, who between funds that are always uncertain, policies that are too binding, real estate with taxes to pay, maintenance costs to bear and deterioration of the same, are looking for something certain, solid and interesting in terms of return.